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Once signed up, you need to submit a jpeg preview of your vector designs for inspection carried out by our review team. If work submitted is suitable; you will be emailed once your application sample has been checked. This can take up to 96 hours.

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Basic Upload Rules:

Vector Requirements - For Designer
Images must be vector only EPS files V8 or V10.(No bitmap images or effects)
You must own the full copyright to any content you upload.
Files must be labeled and named correctly.
Files that are keyword spammed will be removed.
YOU MUST BE THE ARTIST that created the content.
All signatures must be removed. Copyright is checked with each file.
All trademarks must be removed including brands and entities with copyright or trademarked elements.
Your account profile must have your full, real first and last names, and valid PayPal or MoneyBookers email address.
WARNING: Anyone uploading vectors or parts of vectors they did not create will be banned for life; this also applies for users creating accounts with fake names or details.

Essential Guidelines:

Vector Requirements - For Designer
Keep vectors clean and organized.
Untidy vectors will NOT be accepted.
Make sure your design falls within the confines of the art board and always check outside the art board area for any stray points or paths.
Your vector file should have all filled paths closed for better compatibility. Your files should have all stray points and loose ends cleaned up.
Convert your type to outlines.
Reduce your artwork size.
DO NOT rasterize your artwork as it will no longer be a true vector, and will not be accepted.
Always save your file as an RGB JPEG at full quality.

Your commission

# Level Sales Non Exclusive Exclusive
L1 Level 1 Up to 500 25% 45%
L2 Level 2 500 - 5,000 30% 50%
L3 Level 3 5,000 - 25,000 35% 55%
L4 Level 4 25,000 - 150,000 40% 60%
L5 Level 5 150,000 + 45% 65%
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