Q1: Affiliate Program: VectoRain Affiliate Program allows you to Earn 20% of a users purchase, referred via your affiliate link. We have a selection of creative banners you may use on your site to refer users to VectoRain. Q2: Terms & Conditions: You CANNOT use your referral links to purchase keywords in Google Adwords or any similar advertising program. Doing so will result in account termination. You may not misrepresent VectoRain, Spam or mislead users in any way. If we receive any confirmed Spam complaints, your account will be closed. All referral links are IP / domain tracked and validated before any payment is credited. Credited referrals maybe reversed at any time if any of the above terms are broken. Q3: How do I earn money with the affiliation program? VectoRain Affiliation Program offers every VectoRain member different tools to promote the website and earn money for all the transactions made by their affiliates. A member becomes your affiliate when they click on a link containing your affiliate code and register with us. You will receive rewards for all their revenue-generating actions on VectoRain. Q4: What is an affiliate program? The VectoRain affiliation program enables members to promote VectoRain to their friends and associates, and earn rewards instantly from new member purchases, on a recurring basis. When you refer a new member via this program and the new member makes a purchase on VectoRain, we will automatically deposit a reward into your VectoRain account. If your affiliate purchases a Subscription, you will earn 00 credits. Q5: Program details, You receive: - 20% affiliate commissions - 00 credits if your affiliate purchases a Subscription plan (limit of one per affiliate) - Powerful affiliation tools & promotional materials - Real time reporting with the ability to add an unlimited number of affiliates Q6: Who can join the affiliate program? All members of VectoRain can profit from the Affiliate Program. Everyone from professional artists, contributors to design enthusiasts can recommend new members to VectoRain. We provide many ways to help you promote VectoRain simply select the BEST out of many promotional tools. Q7: How do I get started? To profit from the VectoRain Affiliation Program follow steps listed below: Sign-up for a FREE account or use your existing account Log into your account and click on the xxx tab Choose among creative banners that fits your needs. Note: Once a new member account has been validated, they become your affiliate. Q8: Will I know the identity of my affiliates? NO Privacy laws prevent us from distributing this information.
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