Q1: Why opt for VectoRain? Possessing a camera any artist or person can capture a stockphoto but not everyone can create a vector illustration. VectoRain is a site dedicated to vector graphics, designed for vector artists and designers. - Users can quickly search our vector collection avoiding any kind of hassles. - We employ simple easy to use features to help you manage and edit your own images with our easy to use portfolio interface. - Uploading has never been easier! Our site is custom designed for vector. - We use a simple and direct payment process via PayPal and MoneyBookers to make artist payouts or convert some of your earnings into download credits and download files right away! Be part of the original vector ONLY stock site! Put About Us l Disclaimer l Contact Us l Virus Notice l Affiliate Program l Anti-Spam Policy l Standard License l Extended License l Terms & Conditions l Uploading Vectors Correctly l in FAQ is possible Q2: How long before my files are approved? Each vector upload and artist application is checked individually by one of our team expert to make sure it meets the VectoRain guidelines. Every image goes through this process it can take a few days. Once you are an approved artist our expert member checks all your images before going live, files may remain pending for certain period before they are checked. If you are a new artist and you have recently uploaded files, please be patient. Your image(s) are in the queue, and will be processed in turn. You can view your pending file in > My Portfolio Q3: What should I upload and what NOT? If you browse the current collection by most downloaded this will give you a good indication of what people are downloading. Here at VectoRain we love creativity, you will find vector graphics here. Our file inspectors understand modern artistic illustration and we strive to represent a wide variety of vector styles. DO UPLOAD: - Original icons, logos and symbols. - Unique objects and design elements. - Seamless patterns, designs and wallpapers. - High quality traced silhouettes of images you own. - Analogue, grunge or urban style graphics, modern high tech designs. - High quality illustrated people, plants, buildings and everyday objects. - Corporate design elements, fashion illustrations, sports, groups & team silhouettes. DONT UPLOAD: - Filled open paths, poorly traced objects & un-converted fonts. - Straight live traced photos & traces of images you do not own. - Files with objects outside the art board or files with your signature or website references. - Files with massive amounts of transparency or excessive bit-map illustrator effects. Path quality is essential. Q4: I got rejected, what now? If your application gets rejected please check our top sellers to see what our customers are buying. Possibly the submitted portfolio was not up to the mark which led to decline or rejection. Here at VectoRain we represent some of the worlds top designers and illustrators the quality standards are very high. We require only the best, most creative and totally innovative vector images. Please do not submit the same already rejected file again unless it has been requested for re-submission or rejected for technical reasons and the technical issues have been addressed. Trace quality is a major reason for rejection we request you to keep it tight and detailed! Q4: I got rejected, what now? Sign-up in case you havent. Once signed up, you need to submit a jpeg preview of your vector designs for vetting by VectoRain inspectors. We then review your work to see if it is suitable for VectoRain - you will be emailed once your application sample has been checked. This can take a while. Q5: How do I get paid? Once approved as an artist, your My XXX section has a real-time graph displaying download volume and earnings, once earnings reach $00.00 USD you can request a payout which is processed within 5 business days. Payments are made to either your PayPal or MoneyBookers account as requested.
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