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Do you own a blog or a website? Do you desire to earn as an affiliate? If yes, you have landed up on the right page. VectoRain affiliate program is a great way to earn more money with your website or blog! It's extremely easy to set up, you can track sales in real time and we have a great deal of creative banners and promotional tools which would sky rocket your sales as an affiliate. It cannot get simpler than this: When one of your site's / blog visitors buys something on our site, you get 20% of the sale price! Choose what attract your eyes from our links, banners or promotional tools and simply put them on your website / blog to send potential customers over to us. With plans ranging up to $49, you can earn up to $9 with just one sale! Track your real time earnings on your Earning page and request a payout as soon as you reach minimum of $100. For detailed rules and information please read our Terms & Conditions.

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